Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Hidden Town


look who's back for another update the very next day! ;) Can you believe it?

Just something I did during classes again, haha..

After Helsinki I had some stopover at home for a couple of days, and when I had to travel back to Salzburg for uni, I forgot to take my art stuff with me. :( All I have here now is the limited number of items I always carry around in my handbag: a sketchbook (a little bigger than A5), some pencils and ink pens, a small box of watercolour pencils and my mini watercolour set.

That's why I can't work on some things that are long due actually... several art trades (sorry guys!) and a Birthday present have been on my to do list for a while already. Furthermore there are other unfinished drawings I wanted to continue working on as well. I do have some bigger watercolour pad here, but with only those pencils and my small set (the pans are really tiny!) I just can't work properly.

And so I try to make the best of it and just get all ideas out of my head and onto sketchbook pages alone for now, like creating thumbnails for the actual paintings to come (or not). ;)

It's also kind of refreshing to have only a couple of tools at hand. I don't spend too much time pondering whether I should colour something with markers, or maybe watercolours, simply ink it, or...
I do it with the stuff I have!

Creating these little doodles doesn't take much time, but they are fun and practise after all. ♥

And they keep me sane.

Good night!

Monday, 17 February 2014

Some day in February

Hello again!

So it's been one month and one day since I wrote something.
*browses through the old entry*
Well, I still struggle with some things happening in my life right now, some got better, some new problems accrued. Another big fat one popped up just today, and I'm still feeling rattled.
But that's life, huh? I'm trying to deal with it as best as I can.

And not only bad things are happening. Another reason for my hiatus here was me being busy meeting friends, being in Helsinki and Vienna for a while, visiting events, having fun!

A while ago I started taking part in this challenge: 100 Happy Days
Every day you upload a photo of something that made you happy. I'm at day 21 now, and I have so much fun doing it. It's like some kind of self-treatment. I'm a stubborn one, so even on a really bad day I keep uploading my photos. I just don't want to quit, so I force myself to see something positive in every day. And there is! You only have to open your eyes to it. :)
I'm doing the challenge via Instagram, you can see my submissions here, if you're interested.

I haven't been completely idle in terms of drawing, either. Drawing helps as well. I just can't show you all of it. One half is too personal, the other isn't scanned yet and I can't do so until I come home again, because I left it all there. (Yes I know, it's always the same lame excuse, I'm sorry. :D But it's a little difficult when you're studying somewhere else, and travelling back and forth, especially with larger paintings.)

There are two pieces I did very recently that I can show you now. I'm sitting in class many hours a day, so after a while it's really hard to keep paying attention. And it's a computer class, so it's very tempting to just browse the net, or chat with friends etc. ~~ But I remembered that back in school I doodled a lot while listening, and so I gave it a try again. Last Friday I started with a blank page in the morning, I just began doodling a little, and until lunch it looked like this:

And when classes were over in the afternoon, like this:

This one is a fanart of one of my favourite Anime series, "Mushishi." :) I didn't use any reference though, so it's probably not very accurate, but I think it matches the atmosphere of the series. Coloured with watercolour pencils and ink.

Well, and today I did the same thing.I looked up this week's Illustration Friday topic ("twisted"), opened a blank page, and let my brain and hands do their thing without thinking too much.

Coloured with the mini watercolour set I bought a while ago. ♥
All done in class. And all the while I listened closely like a well-behaved student. It also works that way with music. I focus so much on the music, I draw without thinking, and so I'm not that critical either. That's why I always have a playlist on when drawing!

So I think I found a good way to be double-productive from now on. :) Paying attention and filling sketchbook pages at the same time, which don't have to look good. But at least I'm doing something!

Alright, that's it for now.
I think I will tell you a bit about Helsinki next time. Or maybe about the sketchbook I finished. There are several things I could talk about, and I think I will. I missed blogging!

Good night then,
and see you soon. :)

Thursday, 16 January 2014


Hello everyone,

it's been a while again.
There have been some recent events that made my life a little tough at the moment... I won't go into details now.

I just have to think things over and make new plans for the near future. And then everything will work out somehow, I hope. Don't worry about me. :) Just so you know. It might stay quiet here a little longer. Might. You never know when inspiration hits you!

I had doodled something for one of the past Illustration Friday topics which I didn't submit, because I forgot to scan it.~~ But this picture and the topic, "Reflect", really go with my mood right now, so I'm uploading it today.

Good night, 
- Katrin

Friday, 10 January 2014

Art trade: Hunger Games fanart

Good evening!

When I started my education at the library in Salzburg, the first person I became friends with was Lena. :) She has a similar taste in books and music, and generally I think we just get along well!. Quite soon after we met she asked me to join her when she went to see Catching Fire. I happily agreed! I hadn't seen the first movie, but I did read the Hunger Games book series a while ago, and I was really happy to connect with other people, still being new in town. When we were talking about art, she said that she used to draw as well once, but now she hadn't done anything in a while. Talking about it somehow made her want to try it again though. :D So I offered an art trade, and because we were just watching the movie, and I know that she's a big fan, I suggested that we'd draw something referring to the Hunger Games.

That was a while ago, but due to some circumstances, we swapped our pictures today. She took a photo of both with her phone:

So I got Johanna from her, and she got Katniss and Gale from me! Lena told me that this is actually her first real piece in years, so I feel really honoured she drew it for me! ♥ When I had a break from drawing for some years, my next tries didn't look as neat as that. ^^' Apparently she had fun drawing; we already set the topic for our next trade. :D Disney's Frozen!

Here's the proper scan of my picture. I experimentalized a little with the brushes.^^' But I guess it looks ok. Watercolours and ink.

And now I should go to bed. Why is it that late again? Argh :D

Good night!

- Katrin

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Monday, 6 January 2014


Good afternoon :)

A while ago a friend at the library introduced me to Postcrossing, a website where you can sign up to exchange postcards with random strangers from all over the world. She's really into it, having several postcards travelling all the time. ^^ For every card you send somewhere, you get one from another person in return.

So I signed up too and got paired up with someone from Germany first. He didn't really say what kind of postcard he wanted (usually you tell your preferences in your profile), so I just chose one with a view of wintry Salzburg. A little boring, but I thought that's somewhat neutral. In return I got one from Japan with a really cute polar bear illustration. :D  The next guy was from Russia, he had very specific wishes and his interests were totally different than mine. So I just chose something he'll probably like to get it done.. ^^'

All the while I was waiting for a chance to use my blank postcard stock! But some (like the Russian guy) specifically say that they don't want to get handmade postcards. :[ How boring. :P

And then finally.. the next person I got paired up with was an art student from the Ukraine! In her info she said she's fond of underwater pictures, mermaids, books and that she especially loves to get selfmade cards.

... perfect! ♥ :D

So this is what I made for her. I wanted to combine it all somehow, so I thought about a way a mermaid could be reading a book underwater...

Using a magical waterproof bubble to keep the book dry. In my head that makes sense. xD I hope she'll like it.

Looking back now I had a lot of fun creating the mermaid postcard, but just buying the other two ones was a little boring. People can agree to do direct swaps, so if you find someone's profile interesting and there's that direct swap button, you can contact them in a private message. I think I'll stick to that and try to find other people who'd like to get handmade cards.

Other than that, for me it's much more fun to exchange mail with people I know at least a little. :) Most users there seem majorly interested in getting postcards from around the world, and less in getting to know other people. That was a little disappointing, but well..^^'

Have a nice day!

- Katrin

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Christmas 2013

Hi everyone :)

So I finally get to write something about last Christmas. Actually, this was the first time ever I somehow didn't really get into the mood. I love Christmas, and I'm usually looking really forward to it during all advent, but this year my mind seemed to be somewhere else.

The weird weather this year didn't help either. There's hardly been any snow so far! The little there was all melted away again. While I was still in Salzburg, I went to the Christmas market with the library guys sometimes, but only for the tasty food. :D (Mhhh.. Mozartschmarren!)

The only time I felt somewhat christmassy was when another friend honoured me with a visit on the 17th. ♥ Lisa came to see Salzburg with me, she had never been there before, so we did some sightseeing, I showed her the library and stuff, and we tried this really tasty vegan restaurant.

My favourite hours where those spent in the Toy Museum! :) They have really old teddy bears there, and dolls, model trains, board games from different centuries, all sorts of interesting bric-a-brac. I really need to go there again, it's so inspirational! I did some pencil scribbles there and used watercolour on them on the train home in the evening. There was also a special Christmas exhibition room.

In the evening, we went to the Christmas market and for the first time, the Christmas spirit got me a little, while I was sipping on my cinnamon apple punch and listening to some live music. :)

On the 24th all was a little hectic first.
This year my boyfriend's Mum invited everyone over to their house in Vienna, both my family and theirs from France. Basti went to the airport and collected his relatives, and I met up with mine so we could all meet up at their place in the evening. It was a little confusing with the languages, but I think everyone got along.^^' We had a really good dinner! Raclette with different kinds of meat and vegetables and all. Yummy!

My Santa was reeeaally crazy this year. I got so much o.O Seems like I'd been a good girl. xD

 As you can see I'd also been sticking in things into my sketchbook again, like some cuttings from the wrapping paper people used for my presents, or the tags as keepsakes. :) Generally, I think these pages turned out rather boring though, I was just too tired from digesting all that food, haha.

Now look at that, I got a 3DS XL in that special Zelda edition! :O Obviously my boyfriend decadent Santa thought that it's not enough to have the "normal" Zelda 3DS, as a fan you ought to have each of them. I would have never bought the other one too as long as one is still running perfectly, just to own them both. But know I have them. Crazy!!

Generally though, I was rather melancholic that night. I had to think of all the souls that used to be with us the years before, of everyone gone now. It was the first Christmas without all of my grandparents, and the first without my dog. :( 

There was one present with a tag that said "For Katrin, because it reminded me of 'something'". I really wondered what this could be. So I opened it and inside... there was a little plush dog that totally resembled my dear Vicky when she was a puppy. Even the pillow the plush dog lay on looked like the dog-bed Vicky had (red tartan will always remind me of her)... That moment I couldn't help but burst into tears. It appeared to be a present from my Mum, and when she saw me crying, she came over and hugged me, saying she was really sorry, that she didn't want to make me sad. And then all the others came and put their arms around me as well. And my Mum and brother cried a little as well, and we thought of everyone we lost this year for a moment.

I painted it in my sketchbook the other day. It's really cute. I put it under my night table, because this was were she used to sleep. And when I woke up at night, I always used to bend over from my bed and stretched down to ruffle her fur a little.

So it was a somewhat sad, but otherwise really pleasant evening. 

There are some more things I'd like to show you. Dora and Nini surprised me yet again! :)
One morning the postman brought an envelope from Hungary.. a Christmas present from Dora! First of all, I really wondered how she found out my address. xD But she also wrote a letter (which was folded like an envelope, awesome!^^) where she explained how she asked a friend of mine for it to keep it a surprise. Inside were two beautiful flower hair accessories and a brooch she made herself ♥:

I wore the brooch at Christmas eve :)

And some days later there was another envelope in my mailbox, from Slovenia this time. Nini sent me a self-designed Christmas and a New Year card! :D She had already shown the clover card on her blog for everyone to print out as motivation for 2014 and I loved it. :) So now I got this shiny print directly from her, that's so much better than my own home-print would have been. It's already hanging on my wall. :)

Thanks to both of you, you made me so happy! I really like what you sent me, but just the fact that you two thought of me really moved me!

Even if my family has become kind of small, it's great to know to have friends like that out here. I'm not alone! :) Thank you so much. ♥ 

Good night, 

- Katrin