Sunday, 1 March 2015

Let it go! ♪♫

Hi everyone and welcome to another blog update, wohoo! ;)

And this one is safe for work, no blood, I promise. :P

I hope you all had a pleasant weekend! I thought I might catch up posting some art stuff I did during the past months, especially Christmas related things that I could not show you before so they'd be surprises.

More than a year ago, during my year in Salzburg, my classmate Lena and me went to the cinema and watched Frozen. It was actually the premiere day! I guess as everyone else who had watched to movie, we were especially enchanted by the "Let it go" - scene and song. We decided to do another art trade, as when we had been watching the Hunger Games movie. Other than that first arttrade, this one would take a while to be completed. :P

I didn't actually forget, I thought about doing my part very often, and I have no explanation for why it didn't happen earlier... I already knew I wanted to do something related to that scene and I listened to the song a lot. Going to a new place by yourself, leaving your old life behind, letting go of the pain, and letting yourself discover what you can do. That really spoke to me! <3 But for some reason it took until Christmas 2014 that I finally sat down and got to it after having re-watched it with my Mum. Lena already received it and her part is apparently on it's way to me. :)

So this is what I painted for her:

And this time I even remembered taking WIP pictures and I made a gif for you!

I'm sorry that the cropping and lightning differs so much sometimes, but it was only phone pictures and I used the auto colour corrections on everyone. Too lazy to sit and edit everyone of the 13 pictures so that they'd be totally synched...^^' But you go get an idea of the working process!

I still have two more old art trades on my list, but one is almost done, I plan to get to the other soon! :)



Friday, 27 February 2015

"Blut ist ein ganz besonderer Saft"

- "Blood is a very special juice" - Mephisto, in Goethe's Faust.

And this is a very special post. I've considered blogging about this for a long time, only I felt so unsure about writing these things in public.
But my blog, my rules! And my art!

I know though that this is a topic some people will not be comfortable reading about. That's why I put a little warning here, and the rest of the post, including all the pictures, under a cut. 

This is about painting with blood. No creature came to any harm for me to come by the blood I used in these paintings. It's my very own. My period blood.

If you are grossed out now, then you can just hop over this post. However, if you've become curious,  click "Read More" below.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

November ATC Trade

Hellooo ♪♫

Here is one of the things I couldn't show you earlier! I took part in an ACEO/ATC (artist trading cards) trade and got paired up with a collage artist from Germany, Andrea. Meanwhile we both received and published each others cards in the trading community, so now I can show you here, too. :)

It was the first time I participated in the group. There is a new topic every month, and last month it was "Lines".

This is what I got! :)

(just quickly painted some over my name and address xD)

I really, really like the ATC, and also the card Andrea made, which shows where the ATC travelled from and to! :) It's the first ATC I ever got from someone. <3

Well, and that is what I made for her:

I tried to work a bit differently, more roughly, and let the lines I draw show, but I wasn't really sure about the outcome. She liked it though, so I'm relieved. I also folded an envelope, but I didn't take a picture. Generally, I think I really lack some stationary stuff to make my mail cuter. :D I bought some washi tape recently to start with.

I also signed up for the December ATC swap. The topic this month is our favourite quote. I'm brainstorming about that now, and apparently that card will be going to Australia - so exciting! :)

Good night!


Saturday, 6 December 2014

Krampus and Nikolaus + please help a fellow artist!

Hi everyone :D

First of all I would like to spread the word about a fellow artist in need! If you are looking to commission a piece of art (as a Christmas present maybe?), please turn to the talented Saniika and help her fund a plane ticket so she may spend Christmas with her beloved!  


I hope you've spent some nice advent days so far. :)
People here in Sweden often ask me if I grew up with any interesting Christmas traditions in Austria. Why yes, there's lots of folklore! And there is actually something going on now, on the 5th and 6th of December. If you were a good kid this year, then Sankt Nikolaus ("Nikolo") will put some treats, usually nuts and tangerines in your shoes or socks for you to find in the morning of the 6th. However, if you were naughty, then one of these guys will come and punish you after sunset on the 5th. They are called Krampusse, or Perchten (traditionally those were two different things, but nowadays it's kind of the same), and they often come in groups. Those rods and stocks they have - they are to beat you with. But they often carry bells too, so you may try running when you hear them coming after you... Yeah, so that's what kids in Austria have nightmares about. I hope this has been educating. ;)

Tools: Watercolours, salt, pencil, white gel pen
Tea: Vanilla Rooibos
Music: Skyrim ST

I had so much fun drawing this! I think I have to do more folklore illustrations! I read so many folk tales from different parts of the world, so I should have my sketchbook ready and really doodle some more to them!

Have a cozy evening!


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Autumn in Lund

Good evening! :)

Recently I've been so, so busy with university stuff again. I hope I won't have that much to do over the Christmas holidays. I reaaally need a break! ._.

I try to squeeze in as much art and social stuff as I can, but sometimes - and it doesn't happen very often - I'm relieved to have an evening where I can just lie in bed and read something for pleasure, or play some DS. And I feel like I can never get enough sleep, I'm so exhausted all the time. :')

However, I've been drawing and painting of course, and some things I can't show you yet, because they are to be surprises for some people. ;) I've also done some arttrades again, and I have a bunch of scenery doodles I want to scan little by little, now that I have a scanner at home again! I use three different sketchbooks at the moment, so I sometimes forget about things I have in there. But I will go through them and then post the pages I think look okay!

Here is one of the Botanical Garden in Lund, as it looked like in mid-November - well, in my eyes at least. :D I started this on my Birthday, when I took a walk there with my Mum ♥, but finished it at home, because it was cooold. Watercolours, some gel pens and pencils.

Mum and me! :D

Next pictures coming soon, I hope! xD I really don't have any excuses having a scanner right by my desk now, haha.


Friday, 14 November 2014

Illustration Friday: Paper

I finally have a scanner again, yaaay! :D I'll write some more in my next post, sorry. I'm so tired, but I wanted to submit this to IF before I go to bed. It's been so long since I had a picture up there!

Good night!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Thank you! ♥

Dear readers,

aaand again it's been a while! I have been so, so, so awfully busy ever since the university program started in September. I think I've never had to study that hard in my life before, I'm so exhausted. It's really interesting though, and that keeps me going.

Recently I felt drawn back to this blog here, and the art community in general. Thanks to you - yes you! :) Some of you have really encouraged me. So I would like to thank you who sent me messages and comments on Facebook, Instagram, etc. You really cheered me up and motivated me! ♥ I wish that being active in the art community again could be some creative balance to studying so much. That would be great. 

It's only that I don't really now what to do now. :D
Most of the art I did in the meantime is pretty personal, and very sad sometimes, and I'm not sure if I want to share any of this. Also, I don't feel like digging up the past like that. Maybe it's better to have a fresh start, and create and share new art instead. ♪♫
 Well except for one thing!

I want to show you this ACEO I made for my dear friend Nini! We decided on an art trade with ACEO cards and the topic was Cabin in the woods. I don't even remember when we set the trade, I think it must have been about a year ago! I painted it in May, just as my whole life turned into total chaos, and so I didn't send it right away; it unfortunately ended up in a box and stayed there for some months, forgotten. When I packed my things to move once more, I found it, and at least took it to Sweden with me. Some more weeks passed...

Two weeks ago I FINALLY got some furniture for my new place here (I had been sleeping on an air mattress since the end of August, seriously!) and when I put my art stuff in my new desk's drawers, I found it again. And I finally sent it - together with another one to make up for the delay, and it arrived safely in Slovenia and Nini liked it, yaay!. :)

I turned the cabin in the woods into a gingerbread house and made it a Hänsel & Gretel illustration.
She even made it her daily happy pic, that made me happy too. ♥ It encourages me that something I painted during my hard times is still bringing someone a little bit of joy.

I love ACEOs. They are small, so they are done really quickly, but not too small so that you can still do detail work. That's why I would like to take up making them again. It's so much fun to swap them, too!

Despite being so busy, I feel very inspired by my surroundings here, and all the new impressions every day. I would like to do some scenery studies like I did in Salzburg and share them here.

I would like to regularly submit to Illustration Friday again.

And because I want to thank my awesome art friends here, I think of some Give Away to happen soon. ^_^

So that's the plan.
I hope I'll manage!

Good night!